Looking to try something alternative this weekend for lunch?

The United States is a country where you can get anything in terms of fast food. No matter what it is! Just to satisfy your cravings, a large number of fast food chains have been opened across the country.

Each one is unique based on their menu.You are lucky enough to taste the different flavors if you’re currently in America. Apart from direct order, they offer a lot of services so as to make it more convenient for the people. 

If it is for lunch, the options are endless. Though there are several restaurants very good at their lunch menu, here we have chosen a few and given it for you! Check out them and try out any one among the following restaurants for your lunch this weekend.


Bonchon is a Dallas based Korean fried chicken restaurant in the United States. Bonchon Chicken is made with the highest quality ingredients and is cooked-to-order.

Besides chicken, Bonchon has many other mouth watering food items on its menu. However, if you are in search of a good restaurant for lunch, Bonchon is definitely a very good option.

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Walk On’s

Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux is a top sports restaurant with Louisiana-inspired menu, and family-friendly atmosphere. 

On the menu of Walk Ons are seafood dishes, classic Cajun dishes, and burgers designed for two hands. 

You should visit Walk-Bistreaux On’s and Bar if you want to have a fantastic lunch meal. The entire menu is worthwhile for ordering and waiting for. 

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McDonald’s, arguably the largest chain of fast food restaurants in the world, has and always will be the topic of conversation among foodies. 

The amount of customers they serve consistently and their omnipresent presence across the nation astound. 

Knowing a little bit more about them, their operating hours, menu, and other details is always a good idea as we will all inevitably run into them for lunch at some point. 

Looking for a great lunch menu? Try McDonalds!

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is one of the best fast food restaurants in the United States specializing in tacos. If you’re a lover of Tacos look no further than Taco bell.

People are more likely to return to a restaurant if they believe the taste and quality to be greater, making it one of the best.

Taco Bell is an example of a restaurant chain that continuously improves its menu selection, the nutrition it offers on each menu, and the taste, which is still regarded as some of the nation’s most genuine Mexican cuisine. 

The lunch menu at Taco Bell is superior to most. Their $5 Box lunch, tacos, burritos, sides and drinks are sure to give you an unforgettable experience. Try it out for lunch and you’ll never be disappointed!

Burger King

The king of burgers is ultimately the Burger King restaurant in the United States. Burger King’s selling factors are its burgers. Burger King offers burgers for breakfast these days, but the wide selection of burgers and Whoppers will drive you crazy and make you never want to miss them.

The main reason Burger King is a well-known restaurant chain with locations all over the world is the variety of food they offer, including the Whopper.

The best time to visit is during lunch if you want to taste the majority of these burgers. Give it a try for your weekend lunch!